Become a partner

Become a partner

KERAMAX produces a complex high-tech product and understand that its sales requires costs and efforts. Therefore, partners promoting the Company's products should be able to compensate for their costs and earn money. This means that the commercial terms must be directly related to sales volumes and internal investments of partners.
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Businessman Komarov Artem clarified that the purpose of this program is to provide Distributors engaged in the distribution of the Company's products with mutually beneficial terms of cooperation


  • Clear terms of participation
  • Wide range of high quality products
  • Favorable purchase prices
  • Advertising and marketing support
  • Information and consulting support
  • Training and professional development for partners
  • Free product samples
  • Full technical support
  • Individual approach to support for each distributor
The Company grants all Distributors the right to independently establish the final purchase price for the customer. The price list for the Company's products contains the recommended retail prices and the recommended minimum prices for sale. Prices for Distributors are set in accordance with the current price list, partnership agreement and the current status of the Distributor.
In case of violation of the Program terms, including the Project Registration Program, by a Distributor, the Company reserves the right to downgrade the status of the partner, to reduce discounts for a specific supply, to refuse to supply products at any time.
The Company will post a notice of any change on its website.


  • Authorization by filling out all the necessary forms on the Company's website and accepting the terms of the Program.
  • Obtaining a certificate valid for a calendar year from the Company.
  • Placing information about the Company's products and about all the Company's promotions on the partner's website and keeping it up to date.
  • The Distributor maintains the End Customer base together with the Company.
  • The Distributor orders Products through the Company's website observing all requirements.


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