KERAMAX - production of ceramic flux
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KERAMAX - production of ceramic flux

Advantages of Keramax Flux

Material saving consumption
Economical consumptionAverage consumption of bonded flux is about 40% less than of the fused one
Eco-friendly product
Bonded flux is an environmentally friendly product compared to fused flux
Alloying a welded joint
Alloying a welded joint metal is possible when bonded fluxes are used in welding.When using fused fluxes, alloying is difficult.

Advantageous and useful

All our advantages
Delivery of flux the next day after receiving your request
Flexible terms of order payment. Deferred payment is possible
Possibility of storing the paid flux at the company's warehouse


Reliability, durability and safety of buildings cannot be imagined without high-quality welded joints.Keramax flux has been extensively used in the welding of critical structures at various stages of construction and has proven itself excellently in the construction of significant infrastructure facilities and grandiose structures.
Otkrytie Arena stadium
Moscow, 2014
Cable-stayed footbridge
Moscow, 2014
Bugrinsky bridge on the river Ob
Novosibirsk, 2014
Highway bridge on the river Tura
Tyumen, 2015
Bridge crossing on the river Nadym
Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Area, 2015
Bridge crossing on the river Vakh
Izluchinsk, 2014


All news
Businessman Komarov Artem, Industry 4.0 - essential considerations for laser welding.
7 May 2021
Businessman Komarov Artem clarified that laser welding uses a high-intensity beam of light to create a molten weld pool to fuse materials together. It’s a noncontact process, has low heat input relative to other fusion processes, offers high processing speeds, and produces deep fusion zones in a single pass.
3 June 2020
Strict quality control of products at all stages of production has always been and remains the priority of Keramax. In 2020, it was decided to bring this work to a fundamentally different level in order to develop new sales markets and improve the economic performance of the enterprise.
29 April 2020
Keramax has taken a number of measures to ensure the safety of its employees in connection with the spread of coronavirus infection in Russia.