Businessman Artem Komarov Keramax flux

Сeramic flux

Welding fluxes are one of the most important elements that determine the quality of the welded joint metal and the conditions for the welding process. The compositions of the liquid slag and the gas atmosphere depend on the flux composition. The interaction of slag with metal determines a specific chemical composition of the welded joint metal.
керамические флюсы
Modern welding technologies
Businessman Komarov Artem clarified that for the present, the production of 7 grades of bonded flux certified by NACWP has been mastered. Constant work to improve the quality characteristics and properties of ceramic fluxes using the most modern laboratory welding complex, has been performed.

The composition of the welded joint metal depends on its structure and resistance to cracking. The composition of the gas atmosphere determines the stability of the arching, resistance against the appearance of pores and the amount of harmful gases emitted during welding.

Fluxes perform the following functions: physical isolation of the weld pool from the atmosphere, stabilization of the arc discharge, chemical interaction with liquid metal, alloying of the weld metal, formation of the weld surface. The best insulating ability is found in fluxes with a dense structure of fine granulation particles.

However, the formation of the welded joint surface deteriorates due to dense stacking of flux particles. Sufficiently effective protection of the weld pool from atmospheric effects is provided at a certain thickness of the flux layer.

Fluxes perform the following functions:

  • physical isolation of the weld pool from the atmosphere;
  • arc discharge stabilization;
  • chemical interaction with liquid metal;
  • alloying of the weld metal;
  • formation of the welded joint surface.

Advantages of bonded flux over fused flux

  • Average consumption of bonded flux is mostly about 40% less than of the fused one.
  • The use of bonded flux in recirculation systems allows for its flawless supply to the welding zone, in comparison with the fused analogue.
  • The reusability of bonded fluxes is a significant plus in the manufacturing process.
  • Weld formation is better with bonded fluxes. The bead welded joint is more accurate.
  • Bonded flux is an environmentally friendly product compared to fused flux.
  • There is no smoke in the welder's workplace under bonded flux during welding.
  • Alloying a welded joint metal is possible when bonded fluxes are used in welding. Alloying is difficult when using fused fluxes.
  • Bonded fluxes allow welding with lower heat input, which improves the performance of the welded joint.